Northwest Nanotechnology Infrastructure   


The Northwest Nanotechnology Infrastructure (NNI) site is a collaboration between the University of Washington and Oregon State University and is part of the National Science Foundation – National Nanotechnology Coordinated infrastructure.  The NNI site specializes in world class nanotechnology infrastructure paired with technical and educational leadership in integrated photonics, advanced energy materials and devices, and bio-nano interfaces and systems; for a broad and diverse user base, its facilities act as a center for innovation for making, measuring, modeling, and mentoring to advance the use of nanotechnology in science and society.

The mission of NNI consists of Make – Measure – Model – Mentor, providing four core services, with the first three forming the physical foundation and the 4th serving to coordinate broader impacts. The physical infrastructure consists of:


When publishing research involving experiments conducted at the APCL, please include the following text in the acknowledgements: “Part of this research was conducted at the Northwest Nanotechnology Infrastructure, a National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure site at Oregon State University which is supported in part by the National Science Foundation (grant NNCI-2025489) and Oregon State University.”