The ultrafast laser laboratory currently under development is located in Weniger room 104. Equiped with state-of-art laser and cryostat system, after completion, the integrated instrument will provide ultrafast (as short as 25 fs), high-power (up to 1 mJ) pulses as well as wide temperature (1.7 K to 350 K), high magnetic field (up to 7 T) capabilities. This unique platform will combine ultrafast laser pump-probe microscopy and spectroscopy techniques with temperature control, magnetic field bias, and electrical characterization to study a broad variety of emerging optical, magnetic and electronic materials. This facility will be open to users from various backgrounds that are interested in functional thin-film research.

Schematic overview of the instrument. (OPA, optical parametric amplifier; NOPA, noncollinear optical parametric amplifier; TCSPC, time-correlated single photon counter; APD, avalanche photodiode; VNA, vector network analyzer; SMU, source-measure unit.)

Optical bench where the multi-functional instrument is being developed.