|| APXPS/STM SPECS System ||

Surface chemistry of 2-propanol and O2 mixtures on SnO2(110) studied with ambient-pressure x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

JT Diulus, R Elzein, R Addou, GS Herman

J. Chem. Phys. 152 (5), 054713 (Published on 04 Feb. 2020)

Effect of Ambient Conditions on Radiation-Induced Chemistries of a Nanocluster Organotin Photoresist for Next-Generation EUV Nanolithography

J Trey Diulus, Ryan T Frederick, Danielle C Hutchison, Igor Lyubinetsky, Rafik Addou, May Nyman, Gregory S Herman

ACS Appl. Nano Mate. 3 (3), 2266-2277 (Published on 25 Feb. 2020)

Light soaking in metal halide perovskites studied via steady-state microwave conductivity

CL Watts, L Aspitarte, YH Lin, W Li, R Elzein, R Addou, MJ Hong

Commun. Phys. 3 (1), 1-10 2020 (30 April 2020)

Development of a MOF/MOF Heterojunction for Enhanced Photocatalytic Performance

Stavroula Kampouri, Fatmah M. Ebrahim, Maria Fumanal, Pascal A. Schouwink, Radwan Elzein, Rafik Addou, Gregory S. Herman, Berend Smit, Christopher P. Ireland, and Kyriakos C. Stylianou

Under review

|| Phi 5600 ESCA System ||

CoGe surface oxidation studied using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

AJ Pfau, JT Diulus, S He, GH Albuquerque, WF Stickle, GS Herman

Applied Surface Science 2019 469, 298-304

Thermal and radiation chemistry of butyltin oxo hydroxo: A model inorganic photoresist

RT Frederick, S Saha, JT Diulus, F Luo, JM Amador, M Li, DH Park, EL Garfunkel, DA Keszler, GS Herman

Microelectronic Engineering 2019 205, 26-31

Effect of Oxygen on Thermal and Radiation-Induced Chemistries in a Model Organotin Photoresist

Ryan T. Frederick, J. Trey Diulus, Danielle C. Hutchison, May Nyman, Gregory S. Herman

ACS applied materials & interfaces 2019 11 (4), 4514-4522

Deposition and characterization of nickel gallium thin films

Shidong He, Andrew J. Pfau, John Trey Diulus, Gustavo H. Albuquerque, Gregory S. Herman

J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A 2018, Vol. 36, No. 3, 031402-(1-6)

Interfacial Chemistry-Induced Modulation of Schottky Barrier Heights: In Situ Measurements of the Pt–Amorphous Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide Interface Using X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

Brendan T. Flynn, Richard P. Oleksak, Suntharampillai Thevuthasan, Gregory S. Herman

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2018, 10, 44333-4340

Glucose Sensing Using Functionalized Amorphous In−Ga−Zn−O Field-Effect Transistors

Xiaosong Du, Yajuan Li, Joshua R. Motley,William F. Stickle, Gregory S. Herman

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2016, 8, 7631−7637

Aqueous-based synthesis of gallium tungsten oxide thin film dielectrics

Richard P. Oleksak, William F. Stickle, Gregory S. Herman

J. Mater. Chem. C, 2015, 3, 3114-3120

Insitu characterization of aqueousbased hafnium oxide hydroxide sulfate thin films

Brendan Flynn, Daeho Kim, Benjamin L. Clark, Alan Telecky, Liney Arnadottir, Janos Szanyi, Douglas A. Keszler, Gregory S. Herman

Surf. Interface Anal. 2014, 46, 210–215

Role of Self-Assembled Monolayers on Improved Electrical Stability of Amorphous In-Ga-Zn-O Thin-Film Transistors

Xiaosong Du, Brendan T. Flynna, Joshua R. Motley, William F. Stickle, Hendrik Bluhm, Gregory S. Herman

ECS J. Solid State Sci. Technol. 2014 volume 3, issue 9, Q3045-Q3049